Brazil Ballast Rules: further amendments issued

Further to our previous articles on the new ballast water management requirements in Brazil, INTERTANKO has recently received information directly from the Brazilian authorities notifying that a further amendment to the regulations has now been adopted which requires foreign flagged vessels to ensure that their ballast water management plans are class approved. 

In ‘Portaria No 95’ issued by the Brazilian Diretoria de Portos e Costas (DPC) on 18 November 2005, it is stated that as well as requiring a class-approved ballast water management plan (BWMP) for Brazilian flagged vessels and ships chartered to Brazil, the DPC now requires an approved BWMP for foreign flagged vessels. (Why the initial release differentiated between Brazilian flagged vessels and foreign flagged vessels when there was no intention to implement separate rulings for each vessel type is questionable.) This has resulted in confusion over the past two months, which this latest amendment aims to address. The change in the requirements entered into force on 21 November 2005. INTERTANKO understands that PSC inspectors are issuing a deficiency in the event that a foreign flagged vessel does not have a class-approved BWMP. 

The amendment comes following a lengthy communication between INTERTANKO and the Brazilian authorities in which INTERTANKO had sought clarification on the previous ruling. Further information on the matter had also been received from Lloyd’s Register in London, who had also communicated with the Brazilian Authorities on this matter. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins