CDI Strategic Review means changes in CDI Inspector Appointment

Following a recent CDI Board meeting, the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) has undertaken a strategic review of CDI and has made some changes to the CDI system, most notably the creation of a new section called the CDI-Marine Inspection Department (CDI-mid) 

CDI-mid is governed by the Statute of the Stichting Chemical Distribution Institute and is compliant with the Quality Management System in place. The function of CDI-mid is to respond to ship operators’ and charterers’ requests for ship inspections and to appoint the inspector by means of a "mechanical rotation system" (MRS). This will in effect mean that the owner will no longer be able to select the CDI inspector to undertake the CDI inspection, but the request will have to be sent to CDI-mid, which will appoint the inspector strictly on a rotational basis. Click here for full details of the system.  

INTERTANKO was asked by CDI to review and comment upon the changes. We appreciate this opportunity, and following a review by the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee and Chemical Tanker Committee, INTERTANKO has offered its full support to CDI with regard to the changes regarding CDI inspector appointment, as this is viewed as an enhancement to the system.  

Contact: Howard Snaith