EMSA publishes work programme for 2006

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) recently published its work programme for 2006.The programme looks at the agency’s achievements in 2005 and lists the operational and administrative tasks for 2006. It also contains the current organisation chart and a breakdown of the 2006 budget. 

After a successful year, Brian Wadsworth, Chairman of EMSA’s administrative board, believes that the agency has reached an important transition point its life: “We have moved from a clear vision, through a phase of intensive planning and development, to an effective organisation with an impressive and growing record of delivery”. He sees a particularly tangible example for this in the signing of three contracts with stand-by oil pollution response vessels to provide supplementary capacity in the event of heavy oil spills. 

In 2006 the Agency intends to put in place additional oil pollution response vessels in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, where large distances affect response times. In addition to this, the agency will continue its work to enhance maritime safety through its programme of visits and inspections, covering the regulatory and enforcement work of EU maritime administrations, ship security, and the work of classification societies. Furthermore, the agency is developing new capabilities related to the collection and sharing of data on maritime activity in European waters. EMSA will also host an increasing number of meetings and workshops. 

As of April the agency will start its move from Brussels to Lisbon, initially to a new office on the “Expo” site, to be followed in November 2007 by the opening of its permanent headquarters. 

Click here for EMSA’s 2006 work programme. 

Contact: Kristian R. Fuglesang