Early implementation of Southern South Africa Special Area

As advised as part of INTERTANKO’s report from the IMO’s MEPC 55 meeting, the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted the Southern South African Waters as a new Special Area.


The new Special Area will enter into force on 1st March 2008, not as previously advised 1st February 2008.


In acknowledging the concern raised by South Africa relating to the discharge of oil in the newly designated area between now and when the new requirements enter into force, the Committee urged Member States and industry groups to comply with the Special Area requirements immediately on a voluntary basis. In particular, it urged owners/operators to instruct oil tanker crews to refrain from washing cargo tanks in the Southern South African sea area, pending the entry into force of the Special Area.


INTERTANKO stated at the meeting that it would inform and urge its members to meet the Committee's request. Members are encouraged to begin implementing the requirements prior to the formal distribution of the IMO circular on the subject. Click here for the draft Resolution as approved by the MEPC, including the amendments made by the drafting group during the meeting. Members are advised to use this as the basis for early implementation. Once issued, INTERTANKO will circulate the final version of the IMO/MEPC circular via the Weekly NEWS.


Contact: Tim Wilkins