Environmental Committee covers recycling, ballast water management, port waste reception and other key environmental issues

Hosted by Vela International Marine, INTERTANKO's Environmental Committee held its 21st meeting earlier this week in Dubai. Under the chairmanship of Dimitris Stamoudis of Minerva Marine Inc., the Committee worked through an extensive agenda and provided further guidance and recommendations on INTERTANKO's key environmental issues. 

Recognising that the ship recycling issue is now at a crucial point, the Committee continued its mandate to maintain an active and leading role in furthering the work of the IMO. It was recognised that the IMO would need support in its endeavours to produce a legally binding ship recycling instrument, and the Committee believes that a key factor in producing a successful piece of legislation will be in providing a steady flow of feedback from its members' experience in implementing certain elements of the voluntary IMO Guidelines. There was general agreement that uniform formats for the green passport and hazardous materials inventories were essential. The Committee sought further information from the INTERTANKO membership on its experiences with the IMO Guidelines. 

The Committee provided further guidance on other key policy items such as ballast water management and port waste reception facilities, and also agreed to proceed with a second environmental awareness course, which will take place at Heriot-WattUniversity, Edinburgh early in 2006. This follows a successful course held in 2003, which introduced the fundamentals of marine biology and environmental science through two days of field work and laboratory sessions combined with a series of lectures. Details of the two-day course will be circulated to INTERTANKO members at a later date. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins