Environmental Committee focuses on ship recycling and port reception facilities

INTERTANKO's Environmental Committee met this week in London. Under the chairmanship of Dimitris Stamoudis (Minerva Marine), the Committee focused primarily on furthering INTERTANKO's activities on the issues of ship recycling and port reception facilities.


With the IMO now moving forward on the reception facilities issue, items are expected to be submitted and discussed at the June meeting of its Flag State Implementation Sub-committee (FSI). A major part of the IMO's Action Plan on Reception Facilities requires feedback from the shipping industry. The Environmental Committee, together with the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical & Environmental Committee (ISTEC), discussed the first drafts of an Advance Notification Form and a Waste Delivery Receipt. Once these two documents have been agreed, it is hoped that support can be gained from the Industry Forum on Port Reception Facilities before the two documents are submitted for the IMO's consideration at the FSI in June.


Dr. Nikos Mikelis from the IMO secretariat also spoke on this issue to the Committee. Dr. Mikelis provided the Committee with an overview of the Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) Port Reception Facilities Database (PRFD) and the need for the industry to use this system for checking on the availability of reception facilities. He also stressed the importance of receiving INTERTANKO's feedback on the system and its usefulness.


The Environmental Committee also continued to examine how best to maintain the ship recycling Interim Strategy, and with ISTEC, discussed how best to ensure that the Interim Strategy took into account the concerns that had been raised in terms of liability. The Strategy has a number of amendments to be incorporated and it is hoped that the draft can be finalised and adopted by the Council at its meeting in Houston so that it can be passed back to the Industry Working Group on Ship Recycling at its next meeting in April.


The Committee also accepted two new members from Stena Bulk AB and Laurin Maritime AB. In doing so, the Committee has reached its maximum number of members of 16.


Contact: Tim Wilkins