HELCOM recommends that costs for the use of reception facilities be included in port dues

The Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) has updated its recommendations on reception facilities in the Baltic Sea area. From simple recommendations on a "no-special-fee system" for ship-generated oily waste, the HELCOM has now upgraded the recommendations to cover all MARPOL wastes.  

HELCOM recommendation 26/1 refers to a set of guidelines for ports, recommending the implementation of the "no-special-fee system" for ship waste. This charging system ensures the inclusion of the costs for the use of reception facilities in the port dues, regardless of whether the ship uses the facilities or not. Note that this only applies to ship-generated waste and not cargo-generated waste. Click here to view the full guidelines on the HELCOM website. 

The new recommendation and Guidelines are to be implemented by the states party to the Helsinki Convention by 1January 2006 

Contact: Tim Wilkins