IMO issues new Reception Facilities Reporting Form

Following extensive work over the last two years by the IMO’s Flag State Implementation Sub-committee and its Marine Environment Protection Committee, the IMO has now in MEPC/Circ 469 released a revised consolidated reporting form for reporting alleged inadequacies of port reception facilities. 

INTERTANKO continues to support the work of the IMO on this important issue and welcomes the new format, which now includes provisions for facilities in relation to MARPOL Annex VI (Air Pollution: ozone depleting substances and exhaust gas cleaning system residues) and MARPOL Annex IV (Sewage) wastes.  

It should be noted that in the preamble of the circular the IMO requests flag states to: 

  1. distribute the revised format to ships and urge masters to use this format to report alleged inadequacies of port reception facilities to the administration of the flag state and, if possible, to the authorities of the port state;
  2. notify the IMO, for transmission to the parties concerned, of any case where facilities are alleged to be inadequate; and
  3. inform the port state of the alleged inadequacies.

INTERTANKO welcomes continued feedback on alleged inadequate reception facilities to further its efforts on this matter at both the IMO and on national and regional levels. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins