IMO makes progress on reception facilities action plan

INTERTANKO has been active in the debate on the IMO’s future work on the adequacy of port waste reception facilities as the issue was being discussed by the IMO’s Flag State Implementation Sub-committee (FSI).

Representing the Industry Forum of Port Waste Reception Facilities, INTERTANKO provided comments on the IMO’s current action plan to deal with inadequate facilities, ensuring that shipping and port related concerns were incorporated into the plan and that concrete solutions were suggested.

All of the proposals for IMO activity suggested by INTERTANKO were discussed and agreed on, including:

the development of a standardised format for the Advance Notification Form (ANF). 

  • the development of a standard Waste Delivery Notification.
  • improvements to the Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) and the database on port waste reception facilities. 
  • increasing the use of the IMO Guidelines for ensuring the adequacy of port waste reception facilities by port states - this would also work together with the suggestion to port states to develop port waste management plans which would also be available for viewing by the shipping industry. 
  • an agreement to consider further the technical and equipment-related problems associated with the transfer of waste between ship and shore. 
  • the development of a “Guide to Good Practice on Port Reception Facilities” which should provide users with an indication of the type of service expected when using port waste reception facilities.

INTERTANKO, together with the Industry Port Waste Reception Facility Forum, will continue work on this issue and provide feedback where necessary to the IMO. However, there is still some concern among IMO member states that reports from industry on inadequate reception facilities are lacking. Consequently, INTERTANKO urges its members to continue to report to berth, flag and to INTERTANKO any encounter with inadequate reception facilities.For further information/guidance on completing a feedback form click here.

The report  from the IMO FSI meeting relating to reception facilities, which contains the updated IMO Action Plan, can be downloaded here.

Contact:Tim Wilkins