IMO revises reception facility inadequacy reporting

Due to the changes made to MARPOL Annex II and the categorisation of cargoes, the IMO has released a revised Reception Facility Feedback form for alleged inadequate facilities.


INTERTANKO first alerted the IMO to this discrepancy in 2006 during its Flag State Implementation Sub-committee meeting, and agreed to the suggestion of an amended form at its last meeting in June 2007.


In addition to this, INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee meeting had also discussed the use of the IMO standard format for reporting in lieu of its own INTERTANKO format. This was seen as a more efficient method of sending such vital information to both INTERTANKO and to the flag administrations. In this instance, it provides INTERTANKO with the information to be able to approach the particular port, while at the same time allowing INTERTANKO to follow the progress of the report as it is filed with the IMO and respective port state by the flag administration.


INTERTANKO is aware that not all reports are filed in the appropriate manner by the flag administrations and increasing the level of reports through the IMO system will ensure that the issue stays firmly on the work agenda until it is resolved.


The form can be downloaded from the INTERTANKO website (click here). Two versions of the form have been provided. Firstly the full text of the circular letter as distributed by the IMO; secondly a more basic three page version of the form itself without the introductory and explanatory text. Both differing forms are available from INTERTANKO in either PDF or Word format. The latter will allow members to adapt the form into their own system.


Members are urged to report on incidences of inadequate facilities. Further detailed information on the importance of this is available from INTERTANKO (click here).


Contact: Tim Wilkins