Leniency for foreign flagged vessels in new Brazilian Ballast Water Requirements

As advised in last week’s Weekly NEWS, mandatory requirements for ballast water management are in place for ships visiting Brazilian ports. However, this week INTERTANKO received a further update stating that, while vessels are required to maintain a Ballast Water Management Plan on board as of 15 October 2005, foreign flagged vessels are not required to have this Plan approved by a classification society. The additional text is provided below:

""As per item 2.2.2 of the Normam 20/DPC the BWMP of Brazilian vessels and Ships chartered to Brazil will have to be approved by a Classification Society recognized by DPC. Chartered to Brazil means a ship that will have the licence to operate between Brazilian Ports.

Foreign Flag vessels trading to/from Brazil does not need to have the BWMP approved.

For Brazilian vessels and vessels that are chartered to Brazil will give a period of grace provided they are able to give some evidence that they have submitted the plan for approval. But a BWMP must be available from 15/10/2005.""

Click here for the full text of the new ballast requirements.

Information received courtesy of Lloyd’s Register, London.

Contact: Tim Wilkins