MEPC - Ballast water management

A Review Group was established early in the week to assess whether technology would be available for the shipping industry in time to meet the first application date of the IMO Convention on Ballast Water, i.e. 1st January 2009.


Following a lengthy discussion in the Review Group an unsatisfactory conclusion was agreed upon in which the Group suggested that treatment technology ‘would probably be available for installation prior to the first application date of the Convention’. A list of concerns was drawn up in respect of the technologies which were reviewed by the Review Group, including system reliability and durability, and more specifically the challenge of achieving sampling and monitoring requirements, questions over the ability to demonstrate that the technology can meet the treatment standards, and the ability of the systems to work in turbid conditions.


With no agreement on whether it was possible to delay the Convention, the emphasis has been deferred to the next meeting of the MEPC. Again a Review Group will be established but the focus will be solely on the issues of concern which were addressed at this session. Additionally, it will allow some nine months for treatment system manufacturers to gain type approval. At present there are no type-approved systems.


INTERTANKO’s Safety, Technical and Environment Committee (ISTEC) will review in detail the outcome of the Review Group and Committee’s decision and decide on an INTERTANKO strategy for the next MEPC meeting in July 2007.


Contact: Tim Wilkins