MEPC discusses new draft Convention on Ship Recycling

As advised in last week’s Weekly NEWS, the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 54) discussed at length the new draft Convention on Ship Recycling. As this was the first time that the IMO had considered a mandatory instrument, there were a number of key matters that needed deciding. Principally, the Committee agreed that the Convention would need to develop several sets of guidelines to accompany the Convention. Not least of these would be a guideline on the development of the hazardous materials inventory. 

While some positive discussions were held on how the Convention would be implemented in terms of reporting when ships went for recycling, and also on what standard should be set for the recycling facilities, few overall decisions were made. Instead, much of the work has been deferred to a Correspondence Group. INTERTANKO focused in particular on the survey and inspection requirements which would accompany the Convention. These would focus on the checking of the hazardous materials inventory but the detail has still to be agreed. 

A new draft text for the Convention has been agreed, but with many sections still to be decided. In this respect a time frame was set out for the IMO to ensure that it could complete the draft Convention by 2009, ready for its adoption. INTERTANKO will participate in the Correspondence Group while INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee will be discussing the new draft Convention at its next meeting. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins