Port of Long Beach issues slow-steaming incentive

In an effort to reduce air emissions in the Long Beach area, the Port of Long Beach has recently approved a USD 2.2 million investment, as part of its Green Flag Incentive Program, to encourage ship operators to restrict their speed to 12 knots while within 20 nautical miles of Port Fermin. 

Beginning in 2006, vessels that observe a 12-knot speed limit within 20 miles of the Port during an entire year of voyages to and from Long Beach will be awarded a Green Flag to recognise their contributions to improved air quality. The ocean carriers who operate the individual ships will qualify for a 15% discounted “Green Flag” dockage rate during the following 12 months if 90% of their vessels comply with the 12-knot speed limit for a year. If all of the carriers qualify for Green Flag rates, the Port would make an estimated USD 2.2 million investment through reduced dockage collections to significantly cut emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx). 

Details of this and other environment protection measures carried out by the Port of Long Beach can be found on their website: http://www.polb.com 

Contact: Tim Wilkins