State of California to consider new ballast rules

An Advisory Panel established by the State of California Lands Commission has recently provided the Commission with a set of recommendations which propose that the State implements ballast water treatment requirements which are more stringent than both the international (IMO) and U.S. federal standards. 

While these proposals are only recommendations from the Advisory Panel, the State Lands Commission is due to consider them in January 2006 in terms of their implementation into state legislation. In their recommendation documents, the Advisory Panel have drafted a phased-in approach to the legislation, based on ballast tank capacity. This aspect is not dissimilar to the IMO system. However, the Panel’s objective is for a zero discharge of invasive species in ballast water. They claim that technology already exists to meet this long-term objective.  

The full details of the recommendation are given in a 49-page report found on the State Lands Commission website. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins