Voluntary indexing of ships – invitation to members

At MEPC 54 last week the issue of air pollution from ships was high on the Committee’s agenda.  Amongst other issues which the subsequent working group was charged with was the issue of the further development of the Voluntary Indexing of Ships with regard to emission of CO2 or Greenhouse Gases (GHG).  The current trial period of two years is now underway as from the MEPC 53 meeting when Circular MEPC.471 (53) was produced.  It is expected during this trial period that relevant data will be collected for final review and consideration for the next phase in the development of this procedure.

INTERTANKO has generated a form on anExcel Spreadsheet for use onboard tankers together with a document giving guidance for its use. An alternative form of spreadsheet is available for chemical and product tankers where it has been recognised that, due to their specific type of trading pattern with multi-grade cargoes, modifications were necessary to the simplified form.

In order for a successful review to be undertaken of this procedure, extensive amounts of data will be necessary in order to consider and assess the form and methodology of development of this index and any base line.  This is the next step in the work process as proposed by the working group.

In this regard it would be appreciated if the INTERTANKO spreadsheet could be used for information collection together with the deadweight of the vessel for as many vessel types as possible and returned to Timothy Gunner for compiling and presentation to the working group to assist their tasks.  Anonymity of vessels will be ensured by codification of individual vessels within the final documents.

Contact: Timothy Gunner