Washington State requires information on ballast water management by 1 July 2006

As of 1 July 2007 all ships calling at WashingtonState ports will be required to undertake ballast water exchange or treatment in compliance with the standards provided by the State.  

In order for the State authorities to ascertain the readiness of the industry for the entry into force of this requirement, operators are required to submit an Interim Ballast Water Management report by 1 July 2006 detailing how they will meet the 2007 requirements. 

Members will be aware of the current standard reporting requirements for North America (click here for Ballast Water Reporting Form). However, this new requirement is specific to WashingtonState and is a one-off report to be submitted to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (ballastwater@dfw.wa.gov) 

A penalty of USD 500 will be levied against those vessels trading into Washington ports between 1 July 2006 and 1 July 2007 that have not submitted this information with an increase of USD 5,000 after 1 July 2007 for not adhering to the ballast management requirements. 

Click here for a full overview of the requirements. 

Particular note is made of the difference in ballast management requirements after 1 July 2007. At present, WashingtonState requires ballast water exchange or treatment but allows for a ‘safety exemption’ in case a vessel is unable to exchange due to heavy weather. This exemption will be removed after 1 July 2007. 

INTERTANKO understands that certain elements and details of the form are to be clarified and so will advise members should any substantial amendments be made. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins