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17.04.2015 - 10:53 GMT

Libyan refugees appearing in large numbers in the Mediterranean

Following a very quiet first quarter of 2015, large numbers of migrants are now starting to make the perilous crossing from Libya, see above article. During the first quarter only one INTERTANKO...... Login to view this article

02.04.2015 - 10:15 GMT

IMO SSE 2 Sub-committee meeting update

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE) met last week and discussed several issues pertinent to our Members. In last week’s Weekly News we...... Login to view this article

06.03.2015 - 11:43 GMT

USCG issues Safety Alert on LPG cargo and hydrate handling risks

The USCG has issued Safety Alert 03-15 as a reminder to all Gas Carrier owners and operators of the importance of ensuring all personnel follow approved Safety Management System cargo handling...... Login to view this article

23.01.2015 - 11:06 GMT

European Parliament publishes assessment of 3rd Maritime Safety Package

The European Parliament published in January a study on the Ex-Post Impact Assessment on the Implementation and Effects of the Third Maritime Safety Package. The report, drafted by Brussels-based...... Login to view this article


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