MSC 83 - MSC.1/Circ.1206 Lifeboat Inspection and Maintenance

The MSC this week supported a submission initiated by INTERTANKO, and co-sponsored by the Bahamas, Dominica and Finland together with a number of  industry associations, suggesting that Administrations should be allowed to authorise service providers without the present required authorisation from the original manufacturers.


The Committee decided to instruct a correspondence group (in which INTERTANKO will participate) to develop relevant provisions to address the matter and report to the Design & Equipment Sub-committee (DE 51 - February 2008). Although it did not agree to amend the circular at this stage, the outcome is regarded as a positive step.


Depending on the outcome of the work of the correspondence group, INTERTANKO believes this measure will ensure that there will be a sufficient number of service providers to carry out the necessary inspections and maintenance, and also to ensure fair competition and quality.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson