MSC 83 – Cadet Berths – Training and Watchkeeping – Navigation

MSC 83 - Cadet Berths


Having considered the proposal by India to include mandatory requirements for cadets and cadet berthing onboard ships, which received considerable support from a number of Member States, the Committee agreed on a compromise proposal made by INTERTANKO to include a work programme item on the agenda of the Sub-committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (STW) to consider "Measures to improve training on board ships", which will allow the STW Sub-committee to develop guidelines rather than mandatory requirements to address this matter. 


In addition, INTERTANKO informed the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) that INTERTANKO is currently exploring ways to encourage ship owners to take onboard trainees without imposing a mandatory requirement. This issue is being dealt with by INTERTANKO's Human Element in Shipping Committee.


MSC 83 – Training and Watchkeeping


The MSC agreed that the STW Sub-committee should start its work to review the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW Convention) based on the following principles:


·   Retain the structure and goals of the 1995 revision;

·   Do not down-scale existing standards;

·   Do not amend the articles of the Convention;

·   Address inconsistencies, interpretations, outdated provisions, MSC instructions,  clarifications already issued and technological advances;

·   Address requirements for effective communication;

·   Provide for flexibility in terms of compliance and for required levels of training and certification and watchkeeping arrangements due to innovation in technology;

·   Address the special character and circumstances of short sea shipping and the offshore industry;

·   Address security-related issues.


MSC 83 – Navigation


This week the MSC adopted various new Traffic Separation Schemes (TSSs) and amendments to existing TSSs. It also adopted various Resolutions and Circulars related to navigation and navigational equipment. Matters of specific interest to our members are listed below:


New TSSs:


-          In the Approaches to Hook of Holland and at North Hinder

-          In the Approaches to the Polish ports in the Gulf of Gdansk

-          Off the southwest coast of Iceland


Amendments to the TSS in:


-          The mandatory route for tankers from North Hinder to the German Bight and vice versa

-          The Sound (Denmark/Sweden)

-          The Strait of Dover and adjacent waters

-          The deepwater route leading to Europort




-          Adoption of a revised Resolution on performance standards for Integrated Navigation Systems

-          Approval of a circular explaining the differences between Raster Chart Display Systems (RCDSs) and Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDISs)

-          Approval of a circular containing guidelines on the Maintenance of ECDIS software

-          Approval of a circular containing guidelines on the control of ships in an emergency


The above-mentioned Resolutions and Circulars will be circulated in the INTERTANKO Weekly NEWS as soon as they have been made available by the IMO. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson