INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee will be gathering for its 15th meeting in London on Tuesday 17 September. Committee Chairman Dr. Paolo d'Amico will chair the meeting for the 5th time and guide the Committee through various developments on INTERTANKO’s environmental agenda. Particular attention will be given to emission trading, regulatory and technical developments on anti-fouling paints and critical developments in the IMO ballast water debate.


Although the Committee continues to focus on the critical regulatory and technical developments in the key environmental areas, attention will also be given to environmental projects such as the IMO's Global Ballast programme and current work underway by Heriot-Watt University on the use of DNA for Tagging Oil. Additionally, the Committee agenda covers further environmental issues including the development of an awareness guide for seafarers and support for environmental projects such as Sea Alarm Foundation.


Contact: Tim Wilkins, email:tim.wilkins@intertanko.com