CDI have introduced a new facility, whereby ship owners can request inspections on line.

Via the website:CDI an additional function tab ''Request an Inspection'' has been added to the left hand menu bar. On clicking this tab, the shipowner will be presented with an electronic form to complete.


The form requires the following information be entered:
* Ship Name and IMO number
* Requested Port and Date for inspection
* Shipowner contact details

On submitting the request, the shipowner will receive a confirmation of receipt and the request will be posted in the Inspector's arena. Available inspectors will then make contact with the shipowner directly. On securing the inspection, the inspector will pick up the inspection request, thus initiating the inspection report and a confirmation message will be sent to the ship owner. The Inspection Request option is an automatic process with no involvement from CDI, users must however be aware that the rules of consecutive inspection apply.


Contact: Howard Snaith, e-mail:howard.snaith@intertanko.com