AIS long range tracking

The Technical Working Group agreed that all ships engaged in voyages within sea area A3 as defined in chapter IV 2.14 of SOLAS shall be fitted with a ship earth station that makes available the ship’s position, date, time and ship identity to IMO member coastal states. The ship earth station should be approved by the administration. Reporting would be free of charge to ships, and malfunctions should not be considered as a reason for delaying the ship in ports where repair facilities were not readily available.

The Inmarsat C system and ship earth stations currently fitted on ships were considered to meet the requirements. The group was also of the opinion that the requirement to enable the equipment to be switched off should be a top level requirement. The recommendations of the working group and the NAV sub-committee will be sent to IMO’s COMSAR (Committee for Search and Rescue) for their further consideration

Contact: Howard Snaith