Amendments to ESP thickness measurement come into force

As from 1 July 2006 new amendments to the Enhanced Survey Programme (ESP) require that the thickness of longitudinal members that need to be gauged should, as a minimum, be measured as follows: 

1)  two readings for each deck plate and bottom shell plate;

2)  all longitudinal members comprising two girth belts for tankers between 10 and 15 years of age and three girth belts for tankers 15 years of age and older;

3)  one reading for the web and face plate of every longitudinal and girder located within 10% of the moulded depth of the main deck and bottom shell plate;

4)  one reading for web and face plates of the remaining longitudinals and girders. 

The minimum continuous length of a renewed or reinforced structural member should be at least twice the spacing of the primary members in way thereof. Thickness diminution at the butt joints of joining members forward and aft of the replaced member should be less than the substantial corrosion range (75% of the allowable diminution). A transition taper is to be provided in way of the butt joint where differences in thickness exceed 15% of the lower thickness. 

Related documents MSC.144(77); SOLAS Chapter XI and Resolution A.744(18) as amended. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta