Anchoring mooring towing equipment

INTERTANKO has completed its joint study with OCIMF and IMPA and submitted document NAV 49-6 to IMO. A copy of the document can be downloaded from the INTERTANKO web site. (Due to a technical difficulty the name of INTERTANKO was omitted from the paper. However, this was jointly completed and agreed by the three organisations.) Although the joint study was completed at the behest of NAV-48 to indicate whether this was a large or small problem NAV 49 has further requested that the three organisations, OCIMF, INTERTANKO and IMPA, submit a substantive proposal to NAV 50 to enable it to make progress on this issue.

INTERTANKO will therefore be meeting with OCIMF and IMPA to try to resolve this issue and find a working way forward for all concerned. Members will be kept advised.

Contact: Howard Snaith