Anomalies and teething problems reported in the new Automatic Identification System

Seaways, the international journal of The Nautical Institute, reports this month that although most mariners seem generally satisfied with the operation of the new Automatic Identification System (AIS), current users have reported certain anomalies.

Reports of anomalies and operational issues have been encouraged and collected by The Nautical Institute over the past nine months in order to provide useful feedback to the industry. Most seafarers have welcomed AIS, stating that it improves positive identification of other vessels and creates better situational awareness. However, as with most new technologies, some teething problems have occurred and The Nautical Institute has been working with other bodies and the industry to identify and alleviate equipment, procedural and training issues. Click here for a Press Release giving a summary of the findings

The Nautical Institute is maintaining a website to collect and monitor mariner feedback on the use of AIS. The full report, as published in Seaways, is also posted there.

Contact: Howard Snaith