Argentina update of SOPEP contacts sent to IMO

In a response to INTERTANKO’s enquiry regarding the updated list for SOPEP contacts in Argentina, the Argentine Permanent Representative to the IMO in London has confirmed to INTERTANKO that an updated list of the SOPEP contacts has now been sent to the IMO and awaits inclusion in the National Contacts on the IMO website

As reported in last week’s Weekly NEWS INTERTANKO members had noted problems of a new contact list being required by port state inspectors regardless of the fact that the official IMO list had not yet been updated. MARPOL compliant vessels have therefore been at risk of detention.

INTERTANKO followed up on the matter and received a swift and positive response from Captain Eduardo Castro Rivas, Argentina’s Permanent Representative to IMO. Captain Castro Rivas notes in his letter to INTERTANKO that the Argentine Coast Guard in its capacity as port state authority had actually updated the contact list but was unsure as to why this had been delayed in its communication to the IMO.

Further advice is being given to agents to ensure that they provide the new SOPEP details to vessels prior to arrival. Alternatively, please note the updates given in our article last week (see above for link). While the details are being amended by the IMO, we are assured that measures are being taken to ensure that any future inconvenience is avoided.

Contact: Howard Snaith