Argentine SOPEP updates not being sent to IMO

Although a regular update taken from the IMO website on SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution Plan) contacts is required internationally, it appears, based on a recent incident, that the Argentinean authorities may not be informing the IMO of updates, but nevertheless are reprimanding masters for not having the latest contact points written into their SOPEP when arriving at Argentinean ports.

In this particular case, INTERTANKO is concerned that the inspector threatened to detain the vessel. We would therefore advise members to include an updated contact list for Argentina (click here to download a copy of the list) as well as maintaining a regular SOPEP update as per normal operations. 

In the meantime, INTERTANKO has approached the Argentine authorities regarding this matter and requested that the list of SOPEP contacts be sent to the IMO for update on the website. Moreover, INTERTANKO believes that ships which have used the latest SOPEP information from the IMO should not be reprimanded if the state authority has not informed IMO of recent changes. (Click here to download a copy of the letter.)

Go to the IMO website for all SOPEP contacts.

Contact: Howard Snaith