Bosporus – compulsory escort tugs escort for tankers over 250 metres

According to information received from our members, it seems that as of 1 January 2005, the Turkish authorities would make escort tugs compulsory for each passage through the Bosporus at a cost of USD 4,000 for tankers LOA over 250 metres. Concern over the increased fees has been expressed by a number of member companies. INTERTANKO has previously been in a dialogue with the Turkish authorities regarding this matter and compulsory tug escorts in general. In the past, it was generally acknowledged that the Montreaux Convention prevented any such compulsory practice, while it was noted that operators of larger tankers would in any case take a tug escort.  

INTERTANKO wishes to express concern over this further increase in transit costs, which is particularly unfortunate as tanker operators will not be compensated through the Worldscale rates as the Worldscale prototype tanker is 235 metres LOA and is thus not subject to the captioned fee. Members are therefore advised to ensure that suitable provisions are made in future negotiations involving Bosporus transits. 

INTERTANKO will be following up this highly sensitive issue with the Turkish authorities and will revert with further information.

Source: Zihni Shipping AgencyS.A., Istanbul

Contact: Tim Wilkins