Bow Mariner report – USCG reply to INTERTANKO/ICS response

We advised members of the availability of the USCG report into the loss of the Bow Mariner in our article in Weekly NEWS No. 01/2006 of  6 January 2006. 

Within the report it was recommended that the USCG Commandant approach INTERTANKO and ICS over "forming a study group to examine the causes of all tank vessel explosions in the last five years involving tank cleaning to search for common factors". ICS and INTERTANKO formally responded on 26 April 2006 (click hereto view our joint letter). 

We have now received a response from the USCG confirming that the joint letter satisfactorily addresses the relevant recommendation in the Bow Mariner Report (click here to view the reply). 

Contact: Howard Snaith