Brazil waives hard-copy SIRE reports for arriving ships

As members will be aware, INTERTANKO has being working together with the Brazilian Maritime Authority and OCIMF for the last year to try and resolve the issue of Brazilian Harbour Masters requesting paper copies of the ships’ SIRE reports to be faxed in advance of arrival. 

Our initial efforts resulted in the BMA discussing electronic access with the SIRE reports with OCIMF and the appropriate mechanisms being brought into effect that would allow the BMA to access the SIRE reports electronically.

However, despite this initial success we still received reports from members that requests were being received for faxed copies from various Harbour Masters in Brazil.  We wrote to the BMA again (click here to download) raising our concerns, (see Weekly NEWS No.45 of 5 November 2004)

We are very pleased to announce that on  1 December 2004  we received confirmation from the BMA (Vice Rear Admiral Aurelio Ribeiro Silvaeileo ) confirming that fax copies will no longer be requested and SIRE reports will be accessed electronically. Click here  to download a copy of the letter.

Contact:Howard Snaith