Brazilian Maritime Authority (BMA) access to SIRE Reports

INTERTANKO discussed the issue of access to SIRE reports directly with the Brazilian Maritime Authority (BMA) and the administrators of SIRE (Ship Inspection Report Programme) last year. This resulted in the BMA applying for membership of SIRE. Approval was given and mechanisms were brought into effect in about May this year to allow the BMA to access "free of charge" the SIRE Programme, where the SIRE reports on each particular vessel can be accessed as desired.

However, it has come to our attention that INTERTANKO members are still being asked by the BMA to supply faxed copies of SIRE reports directly to various ports within Brazil in order that they may comply with the Navy and Brazilian National Oil Agency (ANP) regulations (ANP's Ordinance Nr 170).

We have written again to try and resolve this issue. Click here to download INTERTANKO’s letter to the BMA.

Contact: Howard Snaith