Brazilian Port State access to CDI reports reduces multiple inspections


Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 01 of 7 January 2005 regarding our letter to the Brazilian Maritime Authority (BMA) about access and use of CDI reports to reduce the overall number of inspections, we are pleased to circulate to members the advice received from the BMA.  

In a letter of 19 January 2005 (click here to view) the BMA advises that the confidential arrangement for BrazilianPortState access to Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) Vessel Inspection Questionnaires (VIQs) for chemical and gas tankers is in place and active. Although the statement advises that this will come into effect shortly, we have received confirmation from the CDI that the BMA is already actively accessing CDI reports.  

We extend our sincere thanks to the BMA and Vice-Admiral Aurelio Ribeiro Da Silva Filho for their cooperation with us and with the CDI on this issue, and for their proactive measures in reducing multiple inspections 

Contact: Howard Snaith