Brazilian ballast water management plan postponed

Further to our previous article in Weekly NEWS No. 47/2005 on the issue of the Brazilian regulations requiring ships to have on board a flag-state-approved ballast water management plan (BWMP), this was postponed until 30 June 2006. For vessels from a flag state that has not ratified the BWM Convention the plan must be approved by a “Letter of Compliance” from Class.  

Information from Brazil’s Diretoria de Portos e Costas has confirmed that, since some ships have had difficulties complying with the requirement to have an approved BWMP on board, enforcement of the requirement for official approval will not be applied until 30 December 2006, provided that an owner’s plan is on board.  

Ships must send a ballast water report form (NROMAN 20 Annex B) to the Harbour Master or his agent 24 hours prior to arrival in port. 

Contact: Howard Snaith