CAS information now available on the EQUASIS web site

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 12 dated 23 March 2005, we would like to advise all members that the links between EQUASIS and are now in place. This means that for those owners who have completed and submitted a Questionnaire 88 form, the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) information contained within the questionnaire is now directly available on the EQUASIS web site. In addition, links are in place on the EQUASIS web site that enable access to the fully completed questionnaire 88 form via the web site.  

We would also like to remind all members that it is equally important to be aware that if there is no information available within EQUASIS (i.e. no completed Questionnaire 88), then we understand that a port state control (PSC) inspector may well visit the vessel to verify whether it should have a Statement of Compliance. Completing and submitting a Questionnaire 88 will not guarantee that PSC will not visit the vessel for this purpose, but it will greatly reduce the chances, as we understand PSC will concentrate on those ships for which no information is available.  

The registration of the Questionnaire 88 form with is free of charge for all INTERTANKO members and we urge members to ensure it is completed and submitted to 

Questionnaire 88 forms can be registered via the web site at the following link or contacted via telephone at 001 203 662 2600. 

Contact: Howard Snaith