CDI Supervised Inspections

INTERTANKO attended the CDI Board meeting in Brussels on 18 June, where it was reported that the access ratio to submitted reports continues to increase. The current access ratio is 3.4 per report entered and this is expected to increase by the year end.

There are currently 59 accredited CDI inspectors and a further nine are awaiting accreditation following supervised inspections. CDI reported, however, that shipowners appear reluctant to allow supervised inspections and therefore asked INTERTANKO to raise awareness amongst its members that the nine that are waiting for accreditation cannot be utilised until they have completed this part of their training.

The more CDI inspectors that are available the easier it will be to get inspections when required. CDI therefore asked INTERTANKO to raise the awareness of this problem and for owners to allow supervised inspections if at all possible.

Contact: Howard Snaith