CDI-mpc - Audit questionnaire for ship agents now available

The Chemical Distribution Institute-marine packed cargo (CDI-mpc) has developed a Ship Agent Questionnaire. This international scheme may be of interest to agencies in general. The questionnaire has been developed as part of the CEFIC "Safety and Quality Assessment System for Marine Packed Cargo Operations". Its aim is to give an accurate assessment of the MPC Operator at the time the audit is carried out. The Questionnaire is essentially a safety, quality and environment protection assessment of an MPC Operator, its operations and personnel. It does not attempt to pass or fail the MPC Operator for any particular purpose, but rather tries to give an assessment of performance at the time of the audit.

The audits are conducted by independent auditors accredited by CDI. There are no joining fees for the ship agent, just the cost of the audit payable to the auditor. The report is entered into the database, where the agent is free to enter his comments and revoke access permission to the report. The report is valid for 30 months and is the property of the Ship Agent.

Copies if this questionnaire (as well as all other CDI questionnaires) can be downloaded from the CDI web site at the following link.

Founded in 1994, CDI was created to provide risk assessment systems for the shipment and storage of bulk liquid chemicals. In full cooperation with the distribution industry, CDI has expanded activity and developed the Marine Packed Cargo (CDI-mpc) scheme. Combining CEFIC and ACC protocols, CDI-mpc provides audit data for each category of Logistic Service Providers (LSP) involved in the distribution supply chain for packaged chemicals. For more information please contact CDI-mpc.

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