Marine Press of Canada is a distributor of nautical charts and publications and an associate member of INTERTANKO. It is in this regard that they have sent to INTERTANKO a copy of their April newsletter "Latitude Longitude", in which they raise their concerns regarding proposed changes to the International Hydrographic Office (IHO) operating standards and the possible effect these may have upon mariners and they way they use electronic and ECDIS charts.

Click here for a copy of the newsletter

Marine Press express their views in the news letter and are very keen to receive comments on them from mariners, either in support of their views or the contrary.

INTERTANKO believes that this is an important issue that the Marine Press is actively involved with and urges members to comment directly to Marine Press as requested. Their web site address is and Mr George Arts, who is the President of Marine Press, can be contacted on e-mail: or by telephone at 001 514 866 8342.

Contact: Howard Snaith on e-mail