Cameroon – new electronic Cargo Tracking Note

The Cargo Tracking Note, locally named 'Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons (BESC)', applies to every type of cargo to be discharged to or loaded from Cameroon, except cargo in transit, as from 15 September 2006.


Sea carriers must inform the shipper/receiver that a BESC must be issued and produced to local authorities prior to unloading/loading. The exact responsibilities of the transporter in case of late submission by the shipper/receiver are not clear at this time, but our source of information has made contact with Cameroon’s shippers body, Conseil National des Chargeurs (CNCC), for the purpose of securing a further clarification.


Clickhere to view an announcement which provides all available details of this new requirement.


Contact:  Gunnar A. Knudsen