Change of Norsk Hydro Condition Assessment Programme (CAP) requirements

Norsk Hydro has contacted INTERTANKO and requested that the following information be circulated: 

The following statement will enter into force from the 1 May 2005: 

In addition to the present Norsk Hydro CAP requirement for tankers =>3000 DWT >20 years of age (OBO's >15 years of age) Norsk Hydro has decided to require CAP for hull for crude, product and chemical tankers =>20000 DWT from 15 years of age. Minimum acceptable rating is 2.  

Rating 2 will give 3 years’ CAP acceptance. The said additional CAP requirement will be in force from 1 May 2005. 

When passing 20 years of age the vessels will, in addition to the above, need CAP for machinery and cargo-ballast systems (ref. present requirement). The main reason for strengthening the CAP requirement is that Norsk Hydro finds it necessary to have a more proactive attitude towards hull-related damages. 

Kindly note that Norsk Hydro has only accepted the following dedicated Class Societies to do the CAP survey: DNV, ABS, GL, BV, NK, LR.

Please do not hesitate to contact Norsk Hydro Ship Vetting Section / Jakob Severin Emmerhoff, Tel: +47 993 11 521, for further information.

Contact: Howard Snaith