Changes to IMT Inspection process

We have been given permission to circulate the following from International Marine Transportation Ltd. (IMT). 

"This note is to formally advise of changes that will be coming into affect in November 05. The new process will include downloading all SIRE and CDI reports from the OCIMF/CDI database along with the operators comments on the reports. 

Please be advised that we will not be routinely communicating with operators on the report findings, we expect the operators comments to be submitted to SIRE. Please also note that the information provided by the inspection report contributes to our vetting process and does not necessarily, on its own, determine the acceptability of a vessel. As a consequence and in line with our recent practice, we will not be advising the operator the status of the vessel following an evaluation of an inspection report. 

Since this process involves evaluation of all vessel reports you need only consider applying for an IMT inspection if there is no inspection report in the SIRE or CDI database for the time validity stated in our Marine Environmental & Safety Criteria (MESC). 

The SIRE inspection program has been in place for a number of years now, and it is our expectation that operators are aware of industry requirement to maintain and present the vessels in an acceptable condition for inspections. Please note that we input the information from the inspection report into our vetting system based on vessel's condition as it was found during inspection. 

Contact with IMT inspection will only be available through email at" 

Contact: Howard Snaith