Chemical Tanker Committee urges its members to submit information to ITOPF

The Chemical Tanker Committee extends its sincere thanks to the International Tanker Operators Pollution Federation Ltd. (ITOPF) and Mr. Stéphane Grenon for agreeing to attend the meeting of the Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) on 11 November 2004 and for the latter’s excellent presentation on the OPRC-HNS Protocol (click here to view), circulated in Weekly NEWS No. 46 of 12 November 2004.

The main purpose of the presentation and the discussion was to highlight areas where INTERTANKO could assist and cooperate with ITOPF on a mutual assistance basis. By assisting ITOPF INTERTANKO members would in effect also be assisting themselves in the long term.

ITOPF’s role is to respond on behalf of members, P&I clubs and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC) Funds and give advice and assist all parties on the most effective clean-up measures to minimise resource damage.

As explained by ITOPF, whilst owners’ emergency contact details do come to them via the P&I Clubs, they do not come directly to ITOPF and thus there is a time lag in the information flow process. Therefore if INTERTANKO members were to send to ITOPF now, in advance of any incident, emergency contact details and details of each member company’s respective emergency response teams, together with the names and contact details that each member company uses in the event of a chemical incident, it would enable ITOPF to be better prepared and build up a wider database, which in turn would enable them to better assist INTERTANKO members should an incident happen in the future.

As INTERTANKO represents 81% of the world’s chemical fleet by DWT and as ITOPF includes 98% of the world’s tankers within its membership, it was agreed that the Chemical Tanker Committee would urge its chemical owners to send to ITOPF as soon as possible contact details of their emergency response teams for chemical spills. This would enable ITOPF and the emergency response teams to exchange adequate information now, which would ensure a smooth flow of information in the event of an incident.

The Chemical Committee therefore urges its members to send this information to Stéphane Grenon at ITOPF at

ITOPF would also welcome the opportunity to participate in exercises. If this is of interest, members should contact Stéphane Grenon or Howard Snaith.