Danish Joint Pilotage Users Group - Inaugural meeting

Further to our advice regarding initial discussions in forming this group (see article in Weekly NEWS No. 4/2006 of 27 January 2006) the inaugural meeting of the Danish Pilotage Users Group (DJPUG) was held in Copenhagen yesterday. The Group consists of INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO, OCIMF, BIMCO, ICS, and the Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography, (RDANH). The Group is chaired by Mr Svend Eskildsen, Director General of the RDANH. 

In the wake of IMO resolution MSC.138(76) recommending the use of pilots for ships navigating through the entrances to the Baltic Sea, international shipping associations and Danish maritime authorities have joined forces to find ways of further enhancing the safety of navigation through the entrances to the Baltic Sea. This will be accomplished by an open transparent dialogue between pilotage service providers and users, in order to ensure optimal pilotage services in general and to encourage the use of pilots for ships navigating through the entrances to the Baltic Sea. 

According to its Terms of Reference the DJPUG should in general provide a two-way process, by evaluating feedback from users as well as from pilotage service providers and taking action as appropriate. Bridge team management, training of pilots, possible future changes in Danish pilotage regulations are issues that will be addressed. 

Furthermore, the availability of pilots and the extent of pilotage for ships in transit through the entrances to the Baltic Sea in accordance with IMO resolution MSC138(76), will be examined. 

The Group will assist with the implementation of new relevant pilotage services in the entrances to the Baltic Sea, such as future relevant shore-based pilotage regimes, upon the request of the RDANH.  

Finally, the Group will also evaluate the fee for pilotage services – observing that the fee is a parameter when deciding whether to use the services or not, but recognising that safety remains paramount. 

It is the belief that this type of cooperation between the pilots and international shipping associations will be beneficial for all participants. The creation of this Group is a positive step in the process to create a forum where both the industry and the pilots can improve pilotage services in Denmark and the safety of navigation in Danish waters.

Click here for a photograph of the members of the DJPUG and click here for the DJPUG Terms of Reference. 

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Contact: Howard Snaith