Dredging, offshore boardings and security on HOGANSAC agenda in Houston

On February 5, 2004 INTERTANKO representatives attended the full committee meeting of HOGANSAC (Houston Galveston Area Navigation and Safety Advisory Committee).The meeting agenda covered inter alia updates on number of projects being sponsored by HOGANSAC including dredging projects, a report from the Mooring Subcommittee and an update from the Area Maritime Security Committee Liaison. 

The Deepdraft Entry Facilitation Working Group (DDEF), chaired by Beverly Clarke of Lyondell-Citgo, has worked with INTERTANKO and other industry representatives to examine the issue of offshore boardings in the Houston-Galveston COTP Zone. Since its inception in October 2003, the DDEF Working Group has completed its mission statement, drafted an important letter to the 8th USCG District on boarding procedures and developed a Vessel Arrival Supplement to be sent to the USCGFusionCenter in Houston. It has collected data on vessel delays due to offshore boardings on behalf of HOGANSAC. The next Work Group meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2004 in Houston

The Ports and Waterways Safety System (PAWSS) takes a closer look at scenarios for MARSEC Level 3 security which HOGANSAC has examined in depth.  The subject of Automated Identification System (AIS) implementation within the Houston Galveston area was also discussed. Captain Richard Kaser, Commanding Officer of Maritime Security Office (MSO) Houston, commended industry for its help during the security transition to MARSEC Level 2 at the end of 2003.  Kaser also discussed the revisions to the Certain Dangerous Cargoes (CDC) list and the small problems that arose with communicating with vessels carrying CDC when COTP Houston-Galveston increased security to MARSEC Level 2.  The new CDC list will be published in the Federal Register.

A very informative presentation on the State of the Waterway was given by CDR Tom Marian. A copy of this presentation can be seen here

The next Full HOGANSAC meeting will be held May 20, 2004.

Contact: Margaret Doyle