Dubai Tanker Event - Environmental Challenge to be awarded

An environmental theme will dominate the opening reception of this year’s Tanker Event in Dubai. Mr Lars Carlsson will present the first Environmental Challenge award to one of the three short-listed entrants during the Green Award-sponsored opening reception at INTERTANKO’s annual gathering in Dubai on Sunday 28 March 2004.

A host of Challengers have entered the INTERTANKO Environmental Challenge since its inception 18 months ago. The short list, drawn up by INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee in January, was sent to the Panel of Judges for their final ranking of the three Challengers still in the running. The Challengers were Teekay’s Ballast Water Exchange concept, Dr. Timothy Gunner’s VOCON Procedure and NEI Treatment Systems’ de-oxygenation ballast treatment design. A full description of the three concepts is given on INTERTANKO’s Environmental Challenge website, alongside the other Challengers.

INTERTANKO hopes that the Environmental Challenge will assist in raising awareness of the industry’s desire to find practical solutions to environmental concerns. By highlighting those concepts and ideas which are most promising, the industry will be able to follow the progress on key environmental issues and assist in their development and final use.

Contact: Tim Wilkins