Since tankers generate their share of the total emissions to atmosphere from shipping, in particular while working cargo in port, tanker owners, being environmentally responsible in their investments and operations, are inevitably interested in the subject of emissions trading

The concerns of society are understandably for the differing types of gas emissions that constitute to either global or regional air pollution, viz Greenhouse Gases (CO2), Oxides of Nitrogen, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds. Paralleling developments in land-based industries, proposals are now emerging for Emission Trading schemes for shipping, both inter-industry and between marine and land emitters within geographical boundaries. This subject will therefore be on the agenda of the forthcoming environmental committee, ISTEC and panel meetings and at the Council meeting in Hong Kong in November. At these meetings there will be presentations on the background to Emission Trading, the schemes currently being proposed, the issues that arise, INTERTANKO’s involvement and future direction.

Click here for provides a background paper prepared by INTERTANKO: “What is Emission Trading ?”


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