Environmental Committee meets on 17 February in Edinburgh

The 16th meeting of INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee will be held at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The date and place of the meeting have been chosen to coincide with a two-day course for the Committee members focusing on marine biology and applied marine ecology, to be held at the University on 15 and 16 February.

At the last meeting of the Environmental Committee it was decided that further knowledge of the marine environment would give a better understanding of some of the more theoretical ways in which shipping impacts the marine environment. The course will be developed by lecturers who currently head the Biological Sciences Department at the University.

The two-day course will be followed by the Environmental Committee’s first meeting of 2003. Much of the discussion will focus on the principal agenda items such as the development of the IMO Guidelines on ship recycling and the potential implications of implementing these Guidelines, together with the continuing ambiguity contained in the European and International anti-fouling legislation. Additional issues will include regional developments on reception facilities, IMO’s progress on the ballast water Convention and the completion of the INTERTANKO Environmental Awareness Guides.

Contact: Tim Wilkins