Fire at Panama Maritime University - help requested

The following article is extracted from an article published this week in the Bow Wave newsletter on trade, insurance and risk.


Maria Dixon writes:-


"Dear Sam,


Once again I am appealing to you and your e-zine to broadcast a sad incident and get some help from your readers.


Last week the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) caught fire. Captain Orlando Allard is trying to solve the problems, since they are in a dire state, they lost all the classrooms and the administration offices.


As a consequence they are "homeless", they have been looking for temporary accommodation to relocate the University all over Panama City, since there is no way they can go back to the building they had before the fire.


All the furniture, computer equipment, servers, etc are completely ruined.


They need help urgently. This last week was registration week and there are 330 NEW cadets starting on their first course tomorrow, together with the existing cadets.


Capt. Allard and his team are doing the impossible to start the 2008-2009 year with no delays. It seems that some temporary buildings are being assigned to them, however, they need to have them altered for their purposes.


No money is requested, as the funds had to go by law to the central government and then eventually the University may receive a proportion of it. Therefore in order to be effective, and as the help is needed immediately, it would be ideal for any donations to be in the form of things like computers, books, equipment, etc.


I am sure there are plenty of people around the world who would be in the position to send books, guides, publications, dvds etc. to once again fill the empty bookshelves!


Any books and publications should be sent to:


Ing. Carlos Herrera

International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) La Boca, 911 Building.

P.O.Box 0843 03561

Panama, Rep. Of Panama


If there are companies or individuals generous enough to donate equipment, furniture, computers, cabling, projectors, audio, screens, etc, this also can be arranged locally.


To receive information or to contact them directly write to:


Also in the web page there will be soon photos and some information on the terrible fire.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Fredrik Larsson