IACS response on procedures for the application of the revised P&A Manuals

Members are advised that we requested (via the Chemical Tanker Committee)  advice from the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) pertaining to common procedures for the application of the revised P&A (Procedures and Arrangements) Manuals that will be required onboard all chemical tankers by 1 January 2007. 

We have received a response from IACS advising that, whilst there will not be a common procedure (as the individual Classification Societies will advise their own arrangements), nonetheless the process for the application of the revised P&A manuals will commence from 1 August 2006. Click here for the letter received from IACS.  

Members are also reminded of the article we published in Weekly NEWS No. 11 of 17 March 2006 giving advice from DNV, which included guidelines and a template to assist owners in the application of revised P&A Manuals. The template is in PDF format for guidance. Users are requested to contact DNV through the DNV Section mailbox MTPNO880@dnv.com to obtain the template in Word format for direct use. 

Contact: Howard Snaith