ID switching by U.S. government officers

U.S. Government representatives, including Customs officers and US Coast Guard officers, have allegedly switched identity documents with their colleagues before boarding vessels, we understand, with the intention of ensuring that security officers at the point of entry are doing their job properly.

We have been reliably informed that this has been happening as the Coast Guard carries out MTSA/ISPS Compliance Exams (referred to as Security Boarding) on vessels as well as at offshore facilities in an attempt to cover frequent callers now so as to avoid a backlog on 1 July 2004, the deadline date for full ISPS compliance. One problem found, we believe, has been that the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR), required on board ships, is incomplete, which increases the importance of checking the IDs of visitors/boarders.

INTERTANKO believes that such behaviour is irresponsible and will be following this issue closely. However, if the U.S. authorities pursue this line of action ship operators may feel that they have little choice but to play along.

Contact: Howard Snaith